Reminder! Registration for the Fall 2021 sports season is open now until September 17. To register, visit
5 months ago, Marlboro Central School District
The Marlboro BOE will be meeting on 12/17 at 7:30 PM. The meeting will be held at @GOMHSDukes & broadcast live on the Marlboro CSD YouTube page.
12 months ago, Marlboro Central School District
Graphic with text reading: 'Marlboro Board of Ed Meeting Reminder'
The Marlboro BOE recently approved the Superintendent’s recommendation to “pause” in-person learning for a period of one week following the upcoming Winter Recess, Presidents’ Week, and Spring Recess. For more information, including exact dates, visit
12 months ago, Marlboro Central School District
Marlboro High School senior Lena Atkins joined Grade 2 teacher Mrs. DeMarco’s Google Meet to read a book to students during virtual learning last week. Mrs. DeMarco and Lena collaborated to plan the read-aloud for the students.
12 months ago, Marlboro Central School District
Chromebook showing book on one side of screen and Lena Atkins reading to a group of students on the right side
Image of Chromebook showing Lena Atkins presenting virtual lesson for MES students
Exciting news! The District has received its long-awaited order of 550 Chromebooks. Technology staff from the service and support groups have been busy working together to process the devices and start getting them into the hands of students in Grades 1-3.
12 months ago, Marlboro Central School District
6 staff members standing around a table and 3 staff members on the opposite side of the room; all preparing or unboxing Chromebooks
6 staff members standing and 1 staff member seated around table of recently unboxed Chromebooks
3 staff members standing around stacks of Chromebooks still in their packaging