A student stands on line with his lunch tray

National School Lunch Week (NSLW) took place from October 10-14. We all know that learning is tough work—and students need the right fuel in order to be successful. That’s why a healthy mid-day meal is crucial to growing school children. 

NSLW was created in 1962 to promote the importance of a healthy school lunch in a child’s life and the impact it has both in and out of the classroom. After all, new research shows children are getting their healthiest meals at school, and studies have proven that school meal programs play an important role in supporting obesity prevention and overall student health and academic achievement. 

The Marlboro Central School District Board of Education supports this data and, in September, approved a plan to provide free breakfast for the 2022-2023 school year and free lunch through December. Thank you to them—and to our hard-working Food Service crew—for everything they do to make sure our students have healthy and delicious meal options each day!