Sports Equipment

Registration for Marlboro's 2022-2023 Winter athletic season will open on October 17. The following sports are being offered for this season:

  • Varsity/JV Boys Basketball
  • Varsity/JV Girls Basketball
  • Varsity Boys/Girls Bowling
  • Varsity Boys Swimming
  • Varsity Boys/Girls Indoor Track
  • Varsity/JV Cheerleading
  • Varsity Boys Wrestling
  • Modified Boys Basketball
  • Modified Girls Basketball
  • Modified Cheerleading

Athletes will be cleared for the start dates of November 14 for Varsity and Junior Varsity sports and November 21 for Modified sports. Parents/guardians should visit Marlboro’s FamilyID website to complete the online registration form. Once the student-athlete has been cleared by the Athletic Department and the School Medical Director, their name will be listed on the clear-to-play list, and their coach will be notified. Please make sure that the School Nurse has a copy of your child's most up-to-date physical.

For more information, call Marlboro Athletic Director Jonnah O’Donnell at (845) 236-5806, or email