Students socializing around a table

Marlboro Middle School celebrated National No One Eats Alone Day on February 16, with thought-provoking lessons and a friendship-building event hosted by the school’s Student Ambassadors. 

The day began with students discussing social isolation in their homerooms, and brainstorming strategies to help address this issue in their school. Later, during their lunch periods, students were encouraged to sit at different tables in the cafeteria and interact with classmates who they might not know very well. Conversation cards were provided to help break the ice, if necessary. 

Together, the Dukes enjoyed ice cream and music, and even helped create a colorful community garden mural by writing their answers to prompts such as “What is one lesson you learned from a challenging problem you faced?”, “What is one day you can help others shine or feel socially connected?”, and “Name one person, thing, or activity that makes you feel hopeful or connected.”

It was a wonderful event designed to help end social isolation, promote friendship and kindness, and create a sense of belonging for all!