Digital Resources Family Questionnaire


The New York State Education Department has asked that all households complete a Digital Resources Family Questionnaire to provide them with information regarding access to devices and the Internet.  The purpose of this questionnaire is to help support equitable education for all children.  This questionnaire is now available in the SchoolTool Parent Portal.

Directions for Accessing the Digital Resources Family Questionnaire:

1.  Log into SchoolTool
2. Click on your child’s Name
3. Click on the User Defined Tab
4. Answer each question by picking your answer from the dropdown. Put today’s date in.
5. When all questions have been answered, click save.
6. Repeat this process for all children.

If you need to create a SchoolTool Parent Portal account or need assistance with accessing your SchoolTool Parent Portal account, please contact Registrar Tabatha Seeland by phone at (845) 236-8000, ext. 1305, or via email at

Please complete the questionnaire by November 30, 2022.

We appreciate your help and support.