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     Tips for Enjoying a Successful Summer

         Summer is a time for adventurous, fun, and lazy days.  However, it could also be a time for crazy behaviors, sibling fighting, and chaos.  To ensure that both you and your children have a fun summer keep these helpful tips in mind.

         1.  Keep a Schedule  

              Bedtime and wake up times should be similar to those followed during the school year.  There will be exceptions; parties, fireworks, and vacations, but try to ensure that on "normal" days your children are following a schedule for their meals, play, and sleep.


        2.  Get Outdoors

             Get your children active in nature.  This could be your own backyard, a team sport, camp, beach, lake...anything.  It is important to minimize screentime and have them soak up that Vitamin D.


         3.  Reward Positive Behaviors

              When your children are acting positively and politely, reward them.  Summer offers a lot of free or minimal cost treats.  Ice pops, extra time outside (or in), camping in the yard, etc.  The ideas are endless!


         4.  Peer Time

              During the summer, many children only spend time with their families and siblings.  Try to provide your children with opportunities to be around their peers.  You can schedule playdates, go to the park, or enroll your children in a sport or other organized activity.


         5.  Be Aware of Your Children

              Get to know what your children enjoy and do not enjoy.  Try to create experiences that play up to their strengths and interests.  This will diminish negative behaviors.


         6.  Time to Adjust

              Just like we all need time to get back into the swing of things in September, the same is true about summer.  Suddenly, children have a lot of free, unstructured time, and they may act out of character.  Be patient and give them time to adjust.  Also know that there may be some trying days in your summer, but with persistence they will turn into sunshine days.


         Finally, I ask that you and your children READ!!!  It is so important to keep their minds active.  Read aloud, read together, or schdule quiet time in the day for them to enjoy a book independently.  Go shopping for new books or go to the local libraries and enjoy all the literacy experiences that they have to offer.  The Marlboro Library has some great summer programs, go to their website for more information.


         As the year winds down and our countdown to summer begins, I am having bittersweet emotions.  I will miss my students and the bonds that we have formed.  However, I am looking forward to spending time with my two boys and creating memories with them.  I wish you all a happy, relaxing, sunburn free summer.  See you in September!  


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