Mrs. Groth            Music Class                (845)236-1636



    Types of Activities:

    Students will have the opportunity to engage in many musical activities such as:

    ·         Singing

    ·         Playing classroom instruments

    ·         Dramatizations

    ·         Musical Interpretations

    ·         Movement

    ·         Improvising

    ·         Reading about musical instruments, composers, etc.


    Types of Music:

    Students will be exposed to a wide variety of music such as:

    ·         Classical

    ·         Jazz

    ·         Music from other countries (South America, Indonesia, Africa, Asia)

    ·         Children’s songs and games

    ·         Children’s dance songs



    Students are assessed on a point system as follows:

    ·         4 = Exceeds the current grade-level standards

               Consistently meets requirements for exceptional work

                Demonstrates high level of knowledge and understanding

    ·         3 = Meets current grade-level standards

               Consistently meets requirements for proficient work

                 Demonstrates acceptable level of knowledge and understanding

    ·         2 = Approaching current grade-level standards

                Meets some requirements for proficient work

                Demonstrates some knowledge and understanding

    ·         1 =Not meeting current grade-level standards

                Meets few requirements for proficient work

                Demonstrates little knowledge and understanding

    ·         N/A = Not applicable (Standard not yet introduced). 





    Concept areas:

    Students will learn and build on the following musical concepts:

    • Rhythm

    o    Keeping a steady Beat

    o    Playing instruments to a steady beat

    o    Differentiating between rhythm and beat

    o    Echoing, playing, reading, improvising, and writing rhythms with correct notation


    • Melody

    o    Pitch inflection/Finding our singing voice

    o    Melodies can go up and down

    o    Melodies can be happy or sad

    o    Dynamics

    o    Solfege

    o    Note reading

    o    Echoing, playing, reading, writing, and improvising melodies with musical notation

    o    Playing pitched instruments


    • Form

    o    Identifying different musical sections through listening

    o    Identifying and composing/improvising with specific forms


    • Musical Genres

    o    Folk songs and tales

    o    Patriotic songs

    o    Broadway songs

    o    World Music

    o    Jazz

    o    Classical Music


    • History/ Cross-Curriculum Connections

    o    Cross-Curricular songs

    o    Instruments of the Orchestra

    o    Ballet/Musicals/Opera

    o    Spotlight Composers