• Ms. Rosanne Mele 

    Assistant Superintendent for Business & Personnel


     Jackie Kitson, Sr. Account Clerk

    Phone: 845.236.8000 x 1409

    Fax: 845.795.5903

    Email:  jackie.kitson@marlboroschools.org

    Reports                           transportation Link Updated
    Request Transportation 20-21 Request Form 4/29/21
    Babysitter Form - use this for an alternative, five day per week, pick up or drop off location Babysitter Form 05/18/21
    Bus Permission Form - Use this form to designate alternative adults who can receive your child at their scheduled drop off location Bus Permission Form 8/25/15
    Bus Safety Rules - Please review with your child for everyone's safety Bus Safety Rules 8/25/15
    K Orientation Parent Handbook - Information for new Kindergarten students and parents K Orientation Handbook 8/25/15
    Student Information - Use this form to update your child's address or contact information Update Student Information  8/25/15
    Bus Stop Review Request Form - Use this form to request a review of your child's bus stop location Stop Review Request Form  8/25/15
    Custodial Arrangement this form, along with a copy of the court ordered custody agreement, must be submitted for varying transportation between custodial parents. Custodial Arrangement Form 9/11/17
    Private/Parochial School Transportation Form - Use this form to request transportatio to private or parochial school Request Form 01/19/21