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    Hello Scientists,

    While you are at home, we have a mission for you. Your mission is to become an expert on the most important star in all of our lives, the Sun! As you know, scientists who work for NASA, are some of the world’s leading experts on stars. They have a lot of information on their website: articles, videos, games. Use https://spaceplace.nasa.gov/ as a resource to help you become a “Sun Expert.” You may also use other resources such as https://www.ducksters.com/ if you choose.

    As a 5th grade expert, you will be given a choice of how you would like to present your information. Some suggestions are:

    • A poster
    • An essay
    • Google Slide presentation
    • An informational article (newspaper article)
    • Diagrams / Diorama 

    Use materials you have in your house. Be creative! DO NOT go out to buy special materials for this assignment. Take pride in your work. Take your time to make it look neat. When you are working, make sure you have enough information to make your work look like it was done by a 5th grade expert. Make sure to use correct spelling, grammar, and science vocabulary.

    Some topics you could mention:

    • Why the Sun is important to us
    • How the Sun makes energy
    • Location
    • Size
    • Age
    • Solar cycle
    • Solar eclipse
    • Interesting facts

    Have fun scientists! Enjoy your exploration!

    Ms. Hayes & Mr. Budryk

    **Please review  Grade 5 Materials on the MES website.**

     https://www.marlboroschools.org/site/default.aspx?PageType=3&DomainID=270&ModuleInstanceID=838&ViewID=6446EE88-D30C-497E-9316-                    3F8874B3E108&RenderLoc=0&FlexDataID=20381&PageID=1294

                                                                Materials/ interactive websites are also available on district website



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