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     Daily Speech and Language Activities

    Thursday, April 2nd


     Find a ball to toss or play catch. Have your child say his/her target sound or word 5 times before tossing the ball.

    Language K-2:  

    Find some paper and crayons/pencils/markers. Have your child follow one and two step directions.  Example: “Draw a blue circle.” “Draw a face on the circle, then make a hat.”

    Language 3-5 

    If a Hollywood producer made a movie about your life, who would play the lead roles? What would the best part of the movie be? The Scariest part? The most boring part?

    Pragmatic Language: 

    Lisa went to the park over the weekend with her cousin. Now she is telling her friend Joan about how much fun they had at the park.  Joan wants to tell Lisa what she did over the weekend, Lisa never asks her any questions. She just keeps talking.

     What is wrong with this conversation?

    What could Joan say to Lisa?

    Why is it important to take turns in a conversation?


    *If you are unsure of which activities to complete, feel free to email your child’s Speech Language Pathologist. Please let us know how your child is progressing and if we can help in any way!


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