• To help you, parents and friends, work with me in educating your child, listed below are the expectations I hold for this year.

    Reading  -  The children will learn to read for meaning.  The children will read and respond to chapter books that a
    re integrated with our units.  In addition, students will focus on finding text-based evidence through the Common Core Curriculum.  The children will also read silently every day for a sustained period of time.
    Writing  -  The children will incorporate the 6+1 Traits of good  writing into the process of writing to write in different genres.  Children will work to prepare for the New York State 3rd G
    rade ELA test.
    Spelling -  The children will learn to spell frequently used words in writing.  These will be reinforced throughout Writers'  W
    Handwriting-Children will learn upper-case cursive letters and will be writing only in c
    ursive by the beginning of the second marking period.
    Math -  Through the Common Core Curriculum, "A Story of Units,"  the children will prepare for the NYS 3rd Grade Math test.  Topics will include properties of multiplication and division, place value and units of measure, area, fractions, collection and displaying data, and geometry. Problem solving strategies and writing to explain the process of solving mathematical problems will be incorporated into each topic. 
    Science  -  Students will concentrate on asking questions, developing hypotheses, testing models, making evidence-based arguments, and learning other skills that real scientists "use all the time."  The children will work to prepare for the 4th Grade NYS Science Assessment.  Topics covered will include Forces and Interactions, Weather and Climate, Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems, and Life Cycles and Traits.

    Social Studies - Through the studies of different communities around 
    the world, the children will come to understand cultural differences, interdependence, family structures, roles, and how the physical environment affects lifestyle.
    Social Development - The children will work to develop self-
    confidence, demonstrate self-control, work independently, cooperatively, and responsibly, and learn to organize oneself.
    Listening/Speaking - The children will work toward becoming good l
    isteners and speakers.
Last Modified on August 14, 2017