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       Let's start with snacks!!  Food is important to all of us. We have a number of food allergies this year. Our classroom needs to be peanut/nut, lactose, strawberry free. The best snacks to send are fruits ( apples, clementines, etc.) or vegetables (carrots, celery, cucumbers, etc.).
       Birthdays:  Suggestions are popcorn (individual or classroom sized bags), fruit or vegetable trays ( some parents have tried fruit "kabobs"). We have, depending on the season, had individual "ices" or marshmallows.
       Homework:  Look for and check the communication folder daily! On the left side will be assignments & forms (sheets, booklets, books, etc.) that need to be completed and returned. The right side holds items to keep at home.
       Absences:  It would be great if you sent the name of a sibling &/or neighbor along with their teacher's name so that we could send work to you! If that is not possible, I could leave their homework in the main office for "pick-up". You could always read with your child for 20 minutes or more and use math flash cards or websites!
       Parent/Child Book Club:  We will be reading a number of books this year in book club fashion. You are encouraged to read these books with or to your child (depending on their reading level). These books will come home in their communication folders with assigned chapters so that we can discuss them in class the next day!!
       Our words to live by this year are... THE MORE YOU READ THE MORE YOU KNOW!!!
                                                                                                                                                                                 Mrs. D.V.
       P.S. Our Specials...                                                                                                             
       A day...physical education                                                                                                
       B day...music                                                                                                                    
       C day...physical education
       D day...art
       E day...physical education
       F day...media 
     NEW! You will now need to go to your PARENT PORTAL to get your child's report card. 
Last Modified on February 8, 2017