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    Dear Families & Students,


    We hope everyone is safe, happy, and healthy at this time.  Our Kindergarten Team has worked together to provide our families and students with a multitude of learning resources, suggestions, and activities that can be both implemented and utilized at home. 


    1. To find these materials please head over to the Marlboro Elementary School Homepage.

    2. From there scroll down until you see Headlines & Features”.

    3. You will see a link that says: ** New** K-5 Classroom Academic Packets for At-Home Learning. 

    4. Click on that and you will see several different postings under “Kindergarten”.

    5. Please read the Kindergarten Parent Letter and Online Resource link first.  


    Thank you all for your continuous support in your child’s education.  We are all eager to get back to our regular school setting and want our little ones to know we will be missing them!! Please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher via email with any questions/concerns you may have.  



    The Kindergarten Team 


    **In addition, there are many companies that are now offering free online educational support.  Here are a few:





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    Welcome to Ms. Toapha's Kindergarten Classroom Community!


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