It's your time to shine Fourthies! Each week our class votes for a student to be our class VIP. Students are encourage to pay attention to attributes that make a classmate stands out and deserve to be recognized. I tally up the votes and announce the VIP each Friday. Our first VIP is me. I will model each day what a VIP will do. For the first 2 weeks of school we will have many discussions and activities that will help us identify desiredable traits. Our first class nominated VIP of the school year will be announced on September 20th. Our VIP will be responsible for something special each day as follows:


    Monday-"About me Posters" These will be createed within the first 2 weeks of school and be kept here at school. (More info to follow)


    Tuesday-Share Day. Bring/tell something that helps us know eve more about you. This is not a bring and brag opportunity. If something is extremely valuable, please do not send it in.


    Wednesday-Class Adventure Journal Share


    Thursday-Pick the class activity for Morning Meeting


    Friday-"Under construction"...We will decide this reward as a class. I will post the class decsion.


    Each month there will have a VIP lunch break with the teacher. All VIPs from the month will eat together with the teacher. During and with their regular lunch.