• Algebra - Period 6  Room 215

     Welcome to Algebra, I am looking forward to working with you this year.


    3/30/20 - Please keep checking google classroom for the newest updates.  Hope everyone is well.


    3/25/20- Hello Everyone, moving forward please just check our google classroom for updates, announcements, and assignments. I have created a Kahn Academy class, please join as soon as posssible. I will be assigning lessons from that site, it has good videos and practice problems.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    3/24/20 - Please join our google classroom, if you haven't yet.  Also, don't forget google meet at 10:00 am today. Hope to see everyone.


    3/23/20 - Please get the graphing calclator app Calculate 84, this will give you access to a graphing calculator. If you have not started your Delta Math assignments, please start working on them so if you have questions you can ask me in tomorrow's google meet Tuesday, the 24th at 10:00 am.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me. I will get back to you as soon as I see it. I check my email all throughout the day. Miss you guys and hope all is well.  I just set up a google classroom for our class, please join as soon as possible.  This is where I will be posting work for easier access.  I will continue to do Delt Math also.


    Updated3/18/20 - I created 3 more Delta Math assignments for you to work on, please email me if you have any questions or concerns.  I check my email a few times a day.


    Hello class, during this time when we can not go to school I will be posting review assignments as well as Delta Math assignments you can work on to keep you reviewing your Algebra skills. Under the Math Links section on my website there are links to sites that have videos to help you if you need.

    These assignments will cover everything we have done throughout the school year and prepare you for the Regents exam.  I hope everyone is well and look forward to seeing you back at school soon.

    I also created 4 Delta Math Assignments for you to work on.  There is a calculator on Delta math to help you









    Week of March 16th - 20th

    Monday -


    Wednesday -

    Thursday -

    Friday -


    Week of March 9th - 13th

    Monday - Finish Histogram

    Tuesday - No Homework

    Wednesday - No Homework

    Thursday - classwork assignment -Frequency Practice


    Friday - No School Supt. Conf. Day 


    Week of March 2nd - 6th

    Monday - No Homework

    Tuesday -No Homework

    Wednesday -Study for Quiz

    Thursdy - Quiz on Mean, Median, Mode & Range

    Friday - No Homework


    Week of Feb. 24th - 28th

    Monday - Exponential Function WS 15 & 16

    Tuesday - No Homework

    Wednesday - Complete Purple Exponential Function Worksheet

    Thursday - No Homework

    Friday - No Homework


    Week of Feb. 17th - 21st

    Monday - No School

    Tuesday - Bring Exponenetial Function worksheet back

    Wednesday - No Homework

    Thursday - No Homework

    Friday - No Homework


    Week of Feb. 10th - 14th

    Monday - Midterm

    Tuesday - Midterm

    Wednesday - Midterm

    Thursday - Midterm

    Friday - No School


    Week of Feb. 3rd - 7th

    Monday - Bring Classwork back

    Tuesday - Graded assignment of shifting functions

    Wednesday - 

    Thursday -

    Friday - Study for Midterm


    Week of Jan. 27th - 31st

    Monday - Finish Blue classwork

    Tuesday - Last chance to finish blue classwork handout

    Wednesday - bring back classwork

    Thursday - No homework - bring back classwork

    Friday - No Homework


    Week of Jan. 20th - 24th

    Monday - No School

    Tues. - Fri. - Regents Week


    Week of Jan. 13th - 17th

    Monday - Study for Quiz on parts of a Quadratic

    Tuesday - Quiz

    Wednesday - No Homework

    Thursday - No Homework

    Friday - No Homework


    Week of Jan. 6th - 10th

    Monday - No Homework

    Tuesday - No Homework

    Wednesday - Finish 4-9 on Quadratic Properties worksheet

    Thursday - Finish 14-19 Quadratic Properties worksheet

    Friday - No Homework


    Week of Dec. 16th - 20th

    Monday - Finish Classwork solving equations completing the square

    Tuesday - Snow Day

    Wednesday - No Homework

    Thursday - Completing the Square Packet #12

    Friday - Enjoy the Break


    Week of Dec. 9th - 13th

    Monday - Complete Multiple Choice Practice Packet (Purple) Will be collected and graded on Tuesday

    Tuesday - Purple Packet 12-15

    Wednesday - No Homework

    Thursday - No Homework

    Friday - No Homework


    Week of Dec. 2nd - 6th

    Monday - Snow Day

    Tuesday - Quadratic Formula worksheet #4

    Wednesday - No Homework

    Thursday - Review for Quiz

    Friday - Quiz on Quadratic Formula


    Week of Nov. 25th - 29th

    Monday - No Homework

    Tuesday - No class - assembly

    Wednesday - No Class

    Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving

    Friday - No School


    Week of Nov. 18th - 22nd

    Monday - No Homework

    Tuesday - Finish front of Quadratic Formula worksheet and set up any 3 on the back

    Wednesday - No homework

    Thursday - Review for Quiz

    Friday - Quadratic Formula Quiz


    Week of Nov. 11th - 15th

    Monday - No School

    Tuesday - Quarterly Review

    Wednesday - Quartelry Review

    Thursday - Study for exam

    Friday - Quarterly Exam


    Week of Nov. 4th - 8th

    Monday - No Homework

    Tuesday - No School

    Wednesday - Green factoring worksheet any 15

    Thursday - Solving quadratics through factoring #8

    Friday - Factoring Quadratics Packet


    Week of Oct. 28th - Nov. 1st

    Monday - Practicing factoring worksheet 8 -15

    Tuesday - Blue factoring worksheet 2-18 even

    Wednesday - Study for Quiz - Blue worksheet must be completed, will be collected and counted as part of the quiz

    Thursday - Quiz on Factoring

    Friday - Finish Quiz


    Week of Oct.  21st - 25th

    Monday - Factoring Trinomial worksheet evens 2-26

    Tuesday - Factoring Trinomial worksheet evens 1-25

    Wednesday - No Homework

    Thursday - Lesson 8 Factoring Trinomials #2,3

    Friday - Purple factoring worksheet 4, 5, 6, 8 & 9


    Week of Oct. 14th - 18th

    Monday - No School

    Tuesday - No Homework

    Wednesday - No Homework

    Thursday - Orange Worksheet - Finding products and sums for factoring

    Friday -Star Testing - No Homework


    Week of Oct. 7th - 11th

    Monday - DOTS factoring worksheet #2 a -f

    Tuesday - Complete the green factoring the difference of two squares - only circled numbers

    Wednesday- No School

    Thursday - Complete the green factoring worksheet

    Friday - Complete purple factoring worksheet evens only


    Week of Sept. 30th - Oct. 4th

    Monday - No School

    Tuesday - finish GCF Factoring Homework 

    Wednesday - finish classwork

    Thursday - Piink GCF factoring worksheet - Do any 15 out of the 20

    Friday - 1/2 day - collecting the pink worksheet & checking binders


    Week of Sept. 23rd- 27th

    Monday - No Homework

    Tuesday - Factoring Polynomials WS 1st page Ex. 2 d, e, f

    Wednesday - Factoring Polynomiasl WS 2nd page Ex.3 g, h, i

    Thursday - GCF Factoring worksheet, due tomorrow at the end of the period, will be graded

    Friday - No Homework


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