• Sight words are words that are recognized instantlyThey rarely follow any rules and just have to be memorized.

    Fun activities might include: writing the words in shaving cream, in sand, on a chalkboard or whiteboard, and using magnetic letters may be motivating for your young child and is also a good way to help him or her feel the shape of the word. Pointnig to words in stories when you are reading is beneficial, as well. Stop on a familiar sight word (like, the, that, this, and...) so your child can fill in the word. You want your child to have an opportunity to build, touch, and experience the sight words so that his or her brain can make a connection between the letters and the word itself. It's all about exposure and repeated practice.

    Below is the order your child's sight words will be sent home. As he or she masters one color, a new color set will be sent home. 


    Red Words: the, to, and, a, I, you, it, in

    Orange Words: up, is, go, we, can, see, my, me

    Yellow Words: he, on, at, am, do, so, like, no

    Green Words: be, that, said, for, come, look, little, not

    Blue Words: what, play, are, she, they, with, have, was

    Purple Words: all, as, ball, but, by, from, has, his


    Below are 1st grade sight words. If your child masters all the K sight words, he or she can move on to the 1st grade ones! 

    *First grade words*

    of, one, or, this, were, when, down, big

    if, nice, did, get, jump, run, blue, red

    where, here, help, fun, there, use, each, make

    mom, went, has, will, has, will, yes, girl, dad, boy

    yellow, two, find, three, funny, now, came, ride

    into, good, which, bed, how, want, too, an

    word, got, other, about, out, many, then, them

    these, take, every, old, after, think, let, made

    way, may, puppy, now, people, going, walk, again

    stop, long, than, first, off, been, gave, does

    goes, give, live, thank, once, open, very, your

    its, around, don't, fly, round, green, call, sleep

    fice, wash, before, cold, tell, work, number, part

    us, sit, love, read, why, best, six, seven

    eight, ten, also, buy, because