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    íBienvenidos a la clase de español con la señora Erickson!

    Marlboro Middle School


    Welcome! I am very excited to be working with your son or daughter this year in Spanish class.  We will do many fun and meaningful things as we strive towards greatness in listening, speaking, writing, and reading in Spanish.

    I ask that the students have the following supplies for my class: binder with pocket, paper to put in binder, pen and pencil or notebook with a folder for Spanish only.  A Spanish and English dictionary is strongly recommended.  

    I encourage you to contact me regarding your son or daughter's progress in my class, and with any questions or concerns.  My email is niza.erickson@marlboroshcools.org I am more than happy to help students wanting more practice or needing additional assistance, I just ask that they please see me to set up a time before or after school.

    The grading scale for my class is:

    90-100% = A

    80 - 89% = B

    70 - 79% = C

    60 - 69% = D

    0  - 59%  = F

    Progress reports will be distributed as follows:

    October 12, 2017, December 20, 2017, March 8, 2018 and May 22, 2018.  Please note that open house is September 27 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  I hope to see all of you there!

    Learning a foreing language requires a commitment to daily practice and review.  Please assist and encourage your child to review their Spanish work each night, regardless of whether or not homework has been assigned.

    I am looking foward to a great year!:)