Power Snack

Power Snack

  •     Food is fuel!  In fifth grade we understand that the wait between breakfast and lunch can seem like an eternity.  For this reason, we will have a mid-morning power snack.  Snacks need to be healthy foods that can be eaten quickly and without any mess.  No cakes, cookies, or sweets please!  Please also avoid food that requires a spoon and/or sticky items.  Some suggestions are:



    *Carrot or Celery Sticks

    *Dry Cereal

    *Granola Bars



    *Dried Fruit


    *Rice Cakes



       Please remember that students are traveling to different classes in the morning.  For this reason, snacks should be small.  If at all possible, please try to make them fit into your child's pencil pouch, as a lunch box will not be carried between classrooms.  Drinks are acceptable, as well, but again please keep them small.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  Happy Snacking!