Traveling in the Fifth Grade

  •      This year students will be traveling between classes for instruction.  While this is an exceptional opportunity for your child to learn from someone specialized in their subject area, it also can prove to be overwhelming.  Rest assured, that I am here to assist these transitions and help children feel confident and prepared for each period of learning and each subject area.  

         Students will travel between classes with various supplies.   They will have a small pencil case in their binder to hold pencils and such and will bring their math workbook with them, as well.  All additional materials will be housed in each classroom for all students to use as needed.

        Here is our daily schedule so that you can become familiar with where you are each period:


    8:50-9:05       Homeroom with Mrs. B.

    9:10-10:10    Social Studies/Science with Ms. Hayes

    10:15-11:15   ELA with Mrs. Boyd

    11:22-12:02   Special

    12:06-12:56   Lunch/Recess

    12:56-1:05     Responsive Classroom Meeting

    1:05-1:20       Spelling/Grammar

    1:20-2:18       Math

    2:18-2:58       Band (B-D-F)/Chorus (A-C-E)

                          WIN (What I Need) Time-  For students that don't participate in Band and/or Chorus, this time will be utilized to                             work on skills specific to what each individual child needs.  NEW THIS YEAR...A STEAM center in our classroom for 

                          those students not participating in band or chorus.

    3:00-3:15       Dismissal Procedures/Read Aloud