• September 2016

    Our first month has come and gone! We've gone over rules and expectations for the upcoming school year and even talked about the exciting new opportunity they have to join chorus! We've been pretty intensively reviewing rhythms for the past month by using cup routines similar to our fifth grade just at an easier level. Active listening has also become a part of our class routine by working with our composer of the month. Students have worked with George Gershwin and listened to several of his songs and discussed them at length. 


    October 2016

    Our students have worked hard at performing rhythmic poems with eighth notes, quarter notes, half notes, whole notes and their corresponding rests. Children have also learned appropriate use of a variety of different percussion instruments. We also talked about Camille Saint Saen's life, work and major compositions. Students also took a break from drumming to compose 'movie' scripts with Grieg's in the Hall of the Mountain King as their soundtrack.


    November 2016

    Students have been working with sixteenth notes, and composing! We've learned about time signatures, clefs, and how many beats can go in a measure. We've also done in depth discussions of John Phillip Sousa, his life and legacy. Some famous compositions we've worked with are Stars and Stripes Forever, The Washington Post and more!


    December 2016

    Students focused in on Peter Illych Tchaikovsky as the feature composer of the month.