• September 2016

    We've worked super hard this first month of school associating rhythms to fall words by using their syllables. The second grade is now able to identify ta and ti-ti rhythms, perform them, and write them accurately! We've composed our own fall songs by using pumpkins (ti-ti) and pie (ta) and learned how to play unpitched percussion instruments safely and accurately. They have learned how to play tambourine, sleigh bells, hand drums, claves, and guiros. We've also had a ton of fun learning some new music games like Hiccup Buttercup!  


    October 2016

    The students are working very hard expanding their repertoire of rhythm from the initial stages of ta and ti-ti to a whole slew of other notes. They include half and whole notes with their corresponding rests. We've also really hammered home the idea that steady beat and rhythm while both necessary to a musical composition are not the same thing. They've also been working on aurally identifying rhythmic patterns and connecting them to their written notation.  


    November 2016

    Students have been composing using Thanksgiving dinner ingredients! By taking the syllables in each word they've been able to discern whether it has a ta or ti-ti rhythm and make their own songs. Students have also Fall themed songs and music games like " Five Fat Turkeys" and " We are thankful"