• September 2016

    Our first month of school has come and gone! The first graders have been working hard on finding their singing voices, recognizing and performing ta and ti-ti rhythms, and keeping a steady beat. We used a variety of 'fall' words to learn about rhythm by connecting their syllables to the rhythms we we've been working on. For example 'apple' has two syllables and can be translated into eighth notes. We've also worked hard on playing this rhythms with unpitched percussion instruments accurately with a steady beat. A few of the instruments we've used include simple hand drums, claves, maracas, sleigh bells and tambourines. 

    Up next for first graders are half notes, wholes notes and rests! 


    October 2016

    The first graders are working on developing proficiency with quarter, eighth, half, and whole notes with their corresponding rests. We've been using rhythm poetry to work on differentiating the idea of steady beat versus rhythm while using unpitched percussion to perform them. In addition students have also begun working on aurally identifying these rhythms using their ears and translating them to paper.  They've also begun working on using their singing voices to sing on pitch through a variety of song centered around a fall theme. 


    November 2016

    We've practiced finding our singing voices and learning about echoes. The students have been singing fall songs and learning music games to go along with them. We've also done some initial composition work by associating Thanksgiving words and their rhythm.