• September 2016

    Our Kindergarteners have worked super hard this month! They were introduced to our class puppet " Mr. Copycat" who helps us learn songs by teaching the students how to echo. In addition to working on finding our singing voices, we've sung a few familiar songs through our music books including the 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'. I've also introduced ta and ti ti rhythms and we've been working on keeping a steady beat to rhythm poems and musical examples.We've also learned a few music games including 'Bluebird Bluebird' and ' Pumpkin Patch'. Maybe your child can teach them to you! Lastly, we have been working on purposeful movement by playing Aerobics A-Z  and Freeze dance! 


    October 2016

    October has been an exciting month in Kindergarten! Our students have worked hard learning to find our singing voice while singing songs like " Doggie Doggie Where's Your Bone?" and song that involves counting. The Kindergarteners are getting very comfortable with keeping a steady beat and identifying rhythms introduced in September (ta and ti-ti). We've also completed our first listening journey that involved the students getting to take an imaginary trip to see Mr. Camille Saint Saens carnival of the animals. 


    November 2016

    Students have learned a variety of music games, are pros at tas and ti-ti. We also started to add in quarter rests by saying " Shh" to remind ourselves to be quiet. Students have also been introduced to a new PITCHED Percussion instrument called a Boomwhacker. We learned all about ostinatos ( repeating musical patterns) and practiced using our boomwhackers safely to play Thanksgiving themed patterns.