• MCSD Wellness Committee Vision
    The Marlboro Central School District recognizes that wellness and proper nutrition relate to student and employee physical well-being, growth, development, and productivity.

    MCSD Wellness Committee Mission Statement

    To promote a school / work environment that encourages wellness, proper nutrition, nutrition education, and regular physical activity as important components of daily life to improve student achievement and employee productivity as well as supportive of a lifelong commitment to wellness.
    MCSD Wellness Committee Goals for 2015 - 2016 
    Enhanced awareness of and support for the district's Wellness Policy
    1.  Continue to provide a school environment that promotes student wellness, proper nutrition, and regular physical activity as part of a pleasant, positive learning experience  
    • Continue with efforts to promote physical activity for students during the school day
    • Continue to schedule student activities that promote physical fitness and wellness
    • Continue to schedule  staff wellness activities that promote physical fitness and wellness
    • Continue to promote and support Back Pack for Food Program
    2.  Continue with efforts to feature healthy choices on student breakfast and lunch menus and explore healthy selections that become available through suppliers 
    • Publicize healthy Food Services selections and encourage students to choose more fruits and vegetables
    • Ensure menus and nutritional information are accessible for students and parents
    3. ​
    Enhance the visibility of the Food Services Departmen
    • Post nutritional information in school cafeterias and on the 
      ​Food Service ​w
    • Post nutritional information for menu items in the cafeterias and include 
      this information on the lunch calendar
      ​ and/or on the Food service webpage​