• Marlboro High School Physical Education

    MCHS Physical Education Staff – Jonnah O’Donnell, Ryan Brooks, Jason Young


    Our Vision Statement

    Every class is a practice session, preparing for the big game of life…..

    Where Students:

    1.      Become proficient in the fundamental skills necessary to enjoy physical activities for a life time.

    2.      Cooperate with and are accepting and supportive of one another.

    3.      Play hard, fair and safely while having fun.

    4.      Work toward their personal best.

    5.      Are given an opportunity to express their feelings about their physical education program.

    6.      Think of physical education as a very enjoyable part of their day.

    Where Teachers:

    1.      Have a pan of what we want to accomplish throughout the year.

    2.      Set the tone that makes every student feel welcomed and important.

    3.      Plan instruction to teach social skills along with physical skills.

    4.      Assess every student fairly.

    5.      Have a positive influence on every student.

    6.      Promote life-long activities outside of class.

    Our Expectations

    1.      Every student will participate to the best of their ability.

    2.      Students will come to class prepared (proper dress and footwear).

    3.      Students will respect each other, themselves and their teachers.

    4.      Students will come to us with any lesson/activity ideas.  (This is their class; we want them to take part in activities that they enjoy or want to learn.)

    5.      Students will continue to be active outside of their Physical Education class (on weekends, days off and for life after graduation).

    Below is a brief overview of units students will participate in this school year.




    Physical Fitness Testing

    Team Handball

    Fitness Testing








    Pickle Ball

    Track and Field


    Weight Room


    Weight Room


    Disc Golf



    Disc Golf


    Ping Pong

    Ultimate Frisbee


    Wii Games + Fitness

    Backyard Games


    Periodically throughout the year, writing assignments and projects will be given.  These will be related to the unit that we are involved in at the time. 

    Grading Policy

    1.      The points earned for the quarter will determine a student’s grade.  Points will be earned for any of the following areas:  for proper dress, class participation and effort, written tests, skills tests and fitness tests.

    2.      Every time a student is not dressed in proper attire to participate they will lose 5 points off their final grade.

    3.      Students are required to make-up all missed PE classes.  All days not made up will result in a loss of 5 points from their grade.  Students will only be allowed to make up excused absences and these must be made up within two weeks of the missed class.

    4.      If your student is medically excused from class, he/she must complete written assignments.  Students will be on an adapted program to fit their physical injury or will be assigned written assignments.

    5.      The Swimming unit is a requirement in Physical Education.  Each student must provide their own appropriate bathing suit and towel.

    6.      Physical Education is a graduation requirement and each student must pass to receive their graduation credit.  


    Common Core Guidelines:

    Every subject is required by New York State to incorporate English Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking for information understanding) and Mathematics into their curriculum.  The subject of Physical Education is NOT excluded from this Common Core Standard. 


    Every Physical Education Lesson includes three parts:

    Psychomotor Domain – How well a student performs a specific skill (Mid Term and Final).

    Cognitive Domain – The knowledge a student has gained during a unit of instruction.  This will also include a Mid Term and Final which align with New York State and Marlboro Central School District.

    Affective Domain – Social responsibility, participation, effort, positive attitude, sportsmanship   --- be on time, prepared, participate, and maintain a good attitude.    

Last Modified on December 15, 2016